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Customers - Small to Corporate Companies

Small Companies
The Linx Group offers a team of professionals  that specialize in start up operations and small companies. After you make your decision to begin your operation, The Linx Group is available to help you recruit and hire. Our services will provide expert advice to ensure you meet all state and federal regulations regarding your hiring needs. The Linx Group can provide Human Resource services without the cost of an additional employee.

If you have opened your doors with only a few employees, you are not exempt from most state and federal regulations specific to hiring, firing and government-required programs. As a strategic partner of your organization, we provide a full range of services including but not limited to maintenance of your personnel files, writing job descriptions, assisting you in preparing employee evaluations, progressive discipline and administration of your benefits program.

Mid-size Companies
Medium sized companies are most vulnerable to state and legal fines. As a medium sized company, you’re not quite large enough to offer a fully staffed HR Department. Our program provides you access to HR Specialists with years of experience in operations, recruitment, hiring, compensation and benefits and training. Our staff offers you the benefit of an experienced HR Department without the expense of additional employees. The Linx Group works as a partner with your HR staff or Senior Management to ensure you meet the needs of your employees.

Large Customers

The Linx Group recognizes the work environment in a large successful corporation is demanding and intense. Our staff has extensive experience operating in a high volume, fast-paced corporate setting. Even though you may have a fully staffed human resource department, time constraints can prohibit the ability to complete projects because of their commitment in meeting the daily critical responsibilities of the organization.  The Linx Group is an outside resource that is available to assist your HR Department with no interruption to the normal workflow. Your company can utilize The Linx Group without incurring additional expenses by increasing full time personnel.

Elite Customer Services
The Linx Group is proud to acknowledge that we are one of the few companies who operate as a “hands on” Human Resource corporation. We are small enough to provide the face-to-face attention deserved by all our clients, and large enough to meet the specific needs of each organization. Our mission statement says “…. Through maximized efficiencies and cost effective processes, we will provide these services for our clients in a manner which will consistently exceed their expectations”. The Linx Group is committed to providing the very best customer service to your organization and assisting you in your specific human resource needs.

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